Jozi’s Nut Butters was created by the local non-profit Oasis South Africa with the purpose of bridging and empowering South African communities. Our story began when two American teammates (Scott and Shelton) had a craving for high-quality, all-natural nut butters and started experimenting with different roasts and blends of nuts and then sharing their creations with neighbors and co-workers in Cosmo City.

The Oasis team caught wind of the nut butters and dreamed up a one-of-a-kind vision for a social-enterprise nut butter business. In March 2013, Jozi’s Nut Butters was established and we sold our first jars to a local grocer in Joburg. From humble beginnings, we continue to grow as South Africans across the country try and fall in love with each unique flavor!

We hope you thoroughly enjoy our entire range of all-natural and artisan nut butters made with organic ingredients and lots of love! Crafting our nut butters involves lots of passion and skill, and relies on the time-honored tradition of slow, high-quality food. Through it all we link the pleasures of the table with a commitment to preserve community, culture and the environment.

Our highest value is spreading good through our nut butters to you, your family, and friends, as well as to our team of women producers who work dutifully and creatively to build a better life. Our hope is that Jozi’s Nut Butters can positively connect people throughout South Africa so that everyone might experience wholeness and fullness of life. Read more about our values here.
Enjoy these healthy and delicious spreads on anything – crackers, fruit, vegetables, bread, oats, yogurt, in cooking and baking, or even just a spoonful of healthy goodness!

Spread Good and Spread The Word!




Want to get involved and volunteer?

And in the works is our Ambassador Programme in search for fellow Change Agents who desire share our story and make a difference. As an individual or a family, business, school or church, we invite you to help us get the word out about Jozi’s Nut Butters, our mission and our delicious products. You can even take it to the next level and consider selling our jars to your local community. If you are interested in learning more about our Ambassador Programme, please email