World Changing Nut Butters

Jozi’s Nut Butters is a branch of Osam Solutions. Osam is part of the Oasis movement in South Africa – a group of people committed to our own transformation as well as the transformation of our communities and country; in other words, a group of Change Agents. Through Osam, we’ve created a more positive way to do business. Jozi’s Nut Butters values its holistic responsibility to be the best we can be, from conception to consumption of our food, and beyond.

We ask ourselves, “How can a nut butter company improve people’s lives?”

We are a social enterprise business that makes all-natural nut butters to provide holistic, stepping-stone employment and education bursaries to UNISA for young women in Cosmo City. We support a nurturing work place with personal and professional development as well as study hours for our employees built into the workweek. We have learned that educational success depends on communal learning and support, so that’s just what we decided to be as a business – a community and support structure. Every 15 jars we sell pays for 1 university module at UNISA for one of our young women employees. Regularly buying Jozi’s Nut Butters makes not only the business sustainable but also our unique business model offering real opportunity for education and work experience for the young people of South Africa. It also makes you a real Change Agent as you consciously buy locally, healthily and with a social-consciousness.

Enjoy the outstanding flavour of Jozi’s Nut Butters and smile knowing  all proceeds are designated to help meet educational needs of employees and other youth in Oasis South Africa’s Cosmo City youth programmes. Plus, most of our ingredients are supplied by local businesses, spurring South Africa’s entrepreneurship on. When you spread Jozi’s Nut Butters, you’re actually supporting a shift in the way businesses are run. So you and your friends and family can eat well and do good at the same time!


Here are some of the ways we’re able to create social and environmental goodness:

  • Leading a socially-conscious nut butter company.
  • Community-owned and community-led business model.
  • Using locally-sourced ingredients from small producers.
  • Offering stepping-stone employment that is linked to education and even better opportunities for young black South Africans.

Good For You… And Good For Our Community!

Thank you for your partnership!